Breedlove ECO Instant Rebate Promotion

 Get out and play this summer, with a new Breedlove.

We could all use a little joy right now, and at Breedlove, we’re using the warm months, the months of growth and harvest, to spread some musical gratitude. Here in central Oregon, we spend our summers outside—hiking, biking, kayaking, rafting, camping, swimming in mountain lakes—sitting beside campfires, plucking tunes for the ember-lit grins of friends and family.

But that’s just us, some of you strum away your summers with toes in the sand to the back beat of beach break. Others sit on the grass in city parks playing anonymous songs to passing strangers. Maybe the heat of the season sends you indoors, lapping up A/C and performing solo on the couch. No matter where you live or where you like to play music, we want to help you wrap your arms around a fantastic new guitar to share the long days and warm nights.

We’re offering every single one of our ECO Collection guitars at a deep discount to help you make this a summer of play.

Whether you’re starting your musical journey in style with a Discovery, stepping into the exotic look and feel of a Rainforest, or gifting yourself the rich and balanced tone of myrtlewood with a Pursuit Exotic S, we got you covered.

No matter what model you choose, you’ll get Breedlove’s unique and exceptional tone, feel, and finish, as well as your choice of all four of our revolutionary body shapes. And, of course, you can feel extra warm and fuzzy about your purchase because it’s a Breedlove. We don’t use any clear cut tonewoods in any guitar at any price. None.

While everything else may be getting more expensive this summer, our guitars just got cheaper, but only for a limited time.

Now through September 30, get an instant, in-store or online rebate on all ECO Collection guitars.

  • $50 off our easy playing, entry level Discovery models 
  • $75 off our stunning, exotic Rainforest models 
  • $100 off our well-appointed, Pursuit Exotic S models. 

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