Aclam Guitars PB2003 Effect Pedalboard Front Rubber Foot Pair

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Aclam Guitars PB2003 Effect Pedalboard Front Rubber Foot Pair


Stationary Rubber Front Feet for Aclam Pedalboards

2 Unit Set

Includes two non-adjustable rubber feet and attachment hardware

Compatible with Aclam XS1, Smart Track, and EVO Track pedalboards.

From Aclam Guitars:

Aclam’s pedalboards include front rubber feet and adjustable rear feet. If you want the board to lay flat on the floor, you just need to change the adjustable feet for two of the pedalboard rubber feet. Check this and other bits and pieces if you are looking for specific components to modify your pedalboard’s setup.

Only the XS1 model includes four rubber feet to keep the pedalboard flat on the floor, all the other options include two adjustable feet in order to regulate the inclination.

If you are not planning to place a PSU support underneath the pedalboard and wish to lay it flat on the floor, these are the pedalboard parts you were looking for.

Easy to assemble and pretty hard-wearing, the pedalboard rubber feet will keep your board stable and flat.

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