AER AK-30 Plus Pickup System with Piezo Pickup & Microphone #0272

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AER AK-30 Plus Pickup System with Piezo Pickup & Microphone #0272

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The AK30 plus is a twin-source-system, undersaddle piezo crystal pickup plus electret condenser microphone in a separate foam block, suitable for 6- and 12-string acoustic as well as classical guitar, as the mechanics fit.

The AK30 plus concept is a mix of two sources. The microphone is part of the system and has the job of enveloping the harmonic structure, rather than the fundamentals. Thus the AK30 plus is not made for ‘microphone only’ performance! You will find a surprisingly warm yet strong and clear tone from the piezo, due to a suitable electronic environment. The microphone will add definition, vitality and authenticity as well as an ‘acoustic ambience’ that make the sound more natural. Too much microphone however will make the tone ‘hollow,’ whilst piezo at full volume may make microphone use impractical. All this has been experienced without using a feedback buster.

Technical Specifications:

Gain: 0 dBV (Piezo) / +15 dBV (Mic)

Max. Input Level: +13.5 dBV (Piezo) (1% THD) / 0 dBV (Mic)

Input Impedance: 2.2 MOhm (Piezo) / 2.2 KOhm (Mic)

Ouput Impedance: < 50 Ohm EQ (Piezo Channel): +- 8 dBV / 100Hz (bass) 8.5 dBV / 10kHz (treble) max + 8dBV / 8 kHz (presence)

Noise: < -92 dBV (Piezo) / < -94 dBV (Mic)

Supply Voltage: 9 V Supply Current: 7 mA

Phantom Power Led: phantom power active

Low Battery Led: < 7 V supply voltage

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