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AER Head One Class D 2 Channel 500 Watt Bass Amplifier Head & Gig Bag #0003

AER Head One Class D 2 Channel 500 Watt Bass Amplifier Head & Gig Bag #0003

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AER Head One Class D 2 Channel 500 Watt Bass Amplifier Head & Gig Bag #0003

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Factory Demo

May have some light scratches if any.

Includes manual, power cable and padded gig bag

With all the experience in acoustics, dynamic control and sound design AER reaches out into the field of professional bass amplification and launches the AER Bottom_Line. Is it was just a matter of time for AER to make use of technology and experience to progress into related spheres.

Tonal performance, dynamic range, punch and perfect balance from crisp trebles to growling lows is what we aimed for to give you the best possible platform to express yourself in music.

The concept is a small, light-weight two channel Class D integrated amplifier that covers the range from Anglo-saxon 'punch' to European 'hifi' orientated sounds. Head one can be used in three operational modes: 2 channel full range mode, 2-way-active mode and bridge mode in combination with Cab one and/or two. It is equipped with 'tube emulation' for 'drive' sounds, two independent EQs, 'colour-switch' and 'tone lever' Class D amps are getting more popular as besides efficiency they can be made so surprisingly small and light. Besides these benefits they inherit a lot of problems (noise, distortion, cutt-off) especially if they are used in 'limit mode'. Their overall performance is extremely depending on the design and the smart use of controls and protections to guarantee proper functionality. We have done a lot to make that happen!

The AER Head one is an integrated amplifier specially for reinforcing electric and electro-acoustic bass instruments. As with all amplifiers from our company, we have also placed great importance on developing a relatively small amplifier.

Weight plays an equally important role as the extremely fast response and the effectiveness (90% at full load) and high dynamics of the relationship in the Head one can handle.

  • 1 signal input, 2 downstream preamps, bass top
  • 250/500 watts (bridge mode)
  • 6.0 Kg (13.23 lbs)
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