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Alesis ION 49 Key Analog Modeling DSP Sythesizer Used

Alesis ION 49 Key Analog Modeling DSP Sythesizer Used

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Alesis ION 49 Key Analog Modeling DSP Sythesizer Used

Used with wear associated with use. Minor cosmetic scratches/scuffs from handling and play. Noteworthy blemishes or issues will be described and pictured. Works as it should.

Sounds from a dream team of the world's best sound designers and amazing sonic versatility are well represented in the 49-key Alesis ION Analog Modeling DSP Synthesizer. It comes with more than 500 presets, all of which can be used for user patch storage.

Each voice has three oscillators with continuously variable wave-shapes, multiple flavors of FM, and oscillator sync. 16 filter types, any two of which can be used simultaneously in series, parallel, or stereo configurations. Import external signals through balanced 24-bit analog inputs and run through the ION's filters, effects, and 40-band vocoder.

Revolutionary ergonomic user interface is designed to be grabbed, tweaked, and played. Thirty infinitely adjustable control knobs on high-resolution pots, not encoders. Large 160x160 graphic LCD presents a simple and intuitive navigation system.

With 49 velocity-sensitive keys, pitch bend wheel, two mod wheels, and inputs for assignable sustain and expression pedals. Sturdy all-metal chassis and internal switching power supply.

512 preset programs, all user rewritable
4 parts multitimbral
8-voice polyphony
Powerful, 500 mips dsp sound engine
3 oscillators with continuously variable wave shapes
Linear and exponential oscillator FM
16 filter types
2 filters available simultaneously
3 ADSR envelopes
2 IFOs with multiple waveforms available simultaneously
Arpeggiator, syncable to MIDI clock
Ultrafast modulation matrix
4 mono/stereo insert effects available simultaneously
Stereo master multi-FX processor
Full-featured 40 band vocoder
30-360 high-resolution parameter knobs
High-resolution graphic LCD
49 velocity-sensitive keys
One pitch and 2 modulation wheels
Balanced, stereo analog inputs
4 balanced, analog outputs
24-bit A/D/A converters

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