Anton Breton AB-100 Student Violin Bow Brown 1/4 Size

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Anton Breton AB-100 Student Violin Bow Brown 1/4 Size


Anton Breton bows provide the finest quality and value possible at each price point—from the most affordable student bows to the higher models utilizing the finest materials and workmanship. Each Anton Breton bow includes genuine unbleached horsehair, proper fittings and a quality grip. The playing qualities of every Anton Breton bow are at the top of their class and will make the work of learning easy.

Round hardwood stick with exceptional balance and flexibility for crystal clear intonation
Traditional non-slip leatherette cushioned wrap is easy on the hand
Half-mounted rosewood frog with nickel silver button provides striking beauty and superb counterbalance
Genuine unbleached horsehair ensures long-lasting durability and superior rosin adhesion

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