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Charvel Pro-Mod DK24 HH HT M Ash Charcoal Gray Guitar & Bag #6849 Used

Charvel Pro-Mod DK24 HH HT M Ash Charcoal Gray Guitar & Bag #6849 Used

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Charvel Pro-Mod DK24 HH HT M Ash Charcoal Gray Guitar & Bag #6849 Used

6.00 lbs, 8.32 Oz

Used with wear associated with use. Minor light cosmetic scratches from handling and play. Noteworthy blemishes or issues will be described and pictured. Works as it should.

Part Charvel. Part Jackson. Totally Armed to the Teeth.

Two guitar icons come together in the Charvel Pro-Mod DK24. The classic Jackson Dinky body, here in ash, is substantial in the hands and contoured against the body, while the Charvel two-piece reinforced maple Speed Neck remains rock solid as it ages. Charvel's familiar 12"–16" compound-radius fingerboard flattens out nicely in the upper registers, giving technical players the speed and expression they need for bends, runs, and vibrato.

What we think is really special is the DK24's diversity of tones on tap, via twin Seymour Duncan alnico V pickups. The bridge-position Full Shred SH-10's searing 14.1kO DCR nicely offsets the neck-position vintage-output Jazz SH-2. Together, these pickups deliver everything the modern player can expect to encounter, from fusion to prog and beyond. A string-through-body hardtail bridge maximizes tone, tuning, and sustain.

Iconic Jackson body style
Grover Jackson's Dinky body style is to hard rock and metal what the Camaro is to drag racing. Contoured and classic, the Dinky provides the hard-line visuals, comfortable carry, and unlimited high-fret access that modern players demand.

Diverse Seymour Duncan pickup set
If you're a single-guitar performer like many of us at Sweetwater, you'll particularly love the Pro-Mod DK24's diverse tonal potential. For drive, the Full Shred SH-10 bridge humbucker packs a big, focused low end and about as much sustain as you can get from a passive alnico pickup. And when you need to clean up, the Jazz SH-2 neck humbucker is a breath of fresh air. This pickup boasts great touch dynamics and a sweet, bluesy top end that's perfect for true cleans and verge-of-breakup tones.

Fast, stable, comfortable reinforced maple neck
The Pro-Mod DK24's neck and fingerboard are spec'd to meet the demands of the technical player. The Charvel Speed Neck is built from two pieces of maple and graphite reinforced for a lifetime of rock-solid dependability. A heel-mounted spoke wheel facilitates speedy truss rod adjustments, while four heavy-duty bolts provide superior sound transmission from the neck to body. Fretside, the compound-radius fingerboard flattens out to an arrow-straight 16" in the upper registers and comes fitted with 24 jumbo frets for maximum speed and control. Rolled fingerboard edges keep thumbs and fingers comfortable during play.

Charvel Pro-Mod DK24 Electric Guitar Features:

Iconic Jackson Dinky body style provides unlimited fret access
Built from soulful, substantial ash wood
Two-piece maple Speed Neck is fast and stable

Heel-mounted spoke wheel facilitates speedy truss rod adjustments
12"–16" compound-radius, rolled-edge fingerboard is built for speed and comfort
Tone- and tuning-maximizing hardtail bridge design

Full Shred SH-10 bridge humbucker (14.1kO) packs a tight low end and loads of sustain
Jazz SH-2 neck humbucker (7.5kO) adds touch dynamics and a sweet, bluesy top end

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