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G&L USA CLF L-2500 S750 Old School Tobacco Sunburst 5 String Bass & Case #4168

G&L USA CLF L-2500 S750 Old School Tobacco Sunburst 5 String Bass & Case #4168

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G&L USA CLF L-2500 S750 Old School Tobacco Sunburst 5 String Bass & Case #4168


9.00 lbs, 15.36 Oz

Please refer to the picture of the build sheet for the exact specifications of this instrument

The new Wide•5 of Fender Avenue is the biggest thing since Leo’s L•2000 hit back in ’81. We call it the G&L L•2500 Series 750 and it’s packing everything that makes the L•2000 and L•2500 icons. So what’s new? The Series 750 is a fiver with a full 3/4-inch string spacing at the bridge, just like Leo’s four-string basses – that’s why we call it a Wide•5. After all, it’s in the name: Leo’s four-strings have “three-quarter-inch” string spacing, so we’ve got 3/4″ > 0.750″ > 19.03mm. When someone says a five-string has “nineteen millimeter” string spacing, that’s just a metric conversion of Leo’s original four-string spec, so here on Fender Avenue it’s gotta be “Seven-Fifty.” The CLF Research L•2500 and other G&L fivers continue with narrower 11/16” string spacing at the bridge, as popularized on 1980s for fivers. The L•2500 Series 750 is for players who want the full three-quarter inch spacing on the most iconic of G&L designs.

Series 750 means there’s a new Wide-5 Saddle Lock bridge plate housing five of the same saddles you’ll find on an L•2000. This new bridge is all about maximizing string energy transfer to the body – especially that knockout B-string. The new body shape draws on classic Fender Avenue forms, melding them into a fresh hit for the ages. That’s a sweet story in itself, as Series 750 arrives exactly forty years after the G&L L•2000 did. And those big pickups are more than stretched out brutes: all the harmonic detail of the best MFD humbuckers speak in a clear voice over massive B-string energy.

Sure, Series 750 is a brand new model but classic Fender Avenue details are everywhere. That graceful early CLF/G&L headstock flows into a slim, rounded neck profile that’s rock solid thanks to a true dual-action truss rod and twin graphite reinforcement rods. And those big, beautiful machined CLF knobs popping against the sweeping chrome control plate. Even those little color-coded mini toggle switch tips have outsized mojo. This is retrofuturism of the very best kind.

PICKUPS: Two G&L Magnetic Field humbucking pickups
BODY WOOD: Ruby Red Metallic and Tangerine Metallic over Basswood, Old School Tobacco over Okoume, Blueburst over Swamp Ash
NECK WOOD: Hard Rock Maple with Maple fingerboard on Blueburst and Tangerine Metallic, Caribbean Rosewood on Old School Tobacco Sunburst and Ruby Red Metallic
NECK PROFILE: CLF/G&L 1.775" nut width-slim C with 9 1/2" radius
FRETS: Medium Jumbo, Jescar 57110 18% nickel silver
TUNING KEYS: Custom G&L "Ultra-Lite" with aluminum tapered string posts
BRIDGE: Leo Fender-designed 19mm Saddle Lock with chrome-plated brass saddles
ELECTRONICS: Tri-Tone™ system with 3-position pickup selector, series/parallel switch, 3-position pre-amp mode switch, volume, treble, bass
CASE: Deluxe Tolex hardshell
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