Graph Tech Ghost Pickup Resomax String Saver Tune-O-Matic 4mm Guitar Bridge Chrome PN-8843-CO

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Graph Tech Ghost Pickup Resomax String Saver Tune-O-Matic 4mm Guitar Bridge Chrome PN-8843-CO


From Graph Tech:

The PN-8843-C0 is a ghost loaded 4mm ResoMax NV2 tune-o-matic bridge in chrome. This lightweight, high strength bridge will increase harmonic content and leave your guitar dripping with tone.

This bridge will work with any ghost preamp kit.

Ghost pickups contain a custom engineered piezo crystals that is encapsulated in a set of String Saver saddles. The ghost saddle pickups have a natural compression effect so you can play as hard as you want without overloading the input channel or experiencing the dreaded piezo "Quack".

Pickups are individually calibrated so you get a precision-balanced set of ghost saddles, for even string to string output. Any set of ghost pickups can be used in conjunction with any ghost preamp kit as well as many others on the market.

String Saver saddles are made with a unique combination of materials made to enhance tone, virtually eliminate string breakage and improve tuning stability. They have a more balanced sound with sizzling highs, full mids and big open lows.


Post Spacing: 2-29/32"
String Spacing: 2/1/16"
Radius: 12"

Designed to maximize harmonic content and richness in every note, retain the bite of a metal saddle, dramatically reduce string breakage and make restringing a breeze!

All ResoMax tune-o-matic bridges and tailpieces are made from our proprietary lightweight ResoMax alloy that will leave each note dripping in tone and harmonics. Exclusive to the ResoMax System, the AutoLock™ locking feature magnetically secures your bridge and tailpiece at all times without a tool to use or lose, making restringing quick and simple.

The ResoMax tune-o-matic line of bridges feature an extended amount of saddle travel to make sure you have plenty of room to setup your guitar properly to ensure you and your guitar to perform at its best.

Lightweight, high strength alloy that boosts harmonic content.
AutoLock magnetically locks the bridge with no tool to make restringing quick and simple.
Triple plated finished for a durable and beautiful finish.
Different saddle options for all of our bridges. String Savers, U.L.F and ResoMax Alloy.
Curvy and smooth contours for a comfortable feel and palm muting.
Increased harmonic content leaves your guitar dripping with tone.


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