Nady SRM-14X 14 Channel Stereo Mic Line Live Studio Mixer & Power Supply

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Nady SRM-14X 14 Channel Stereo Mic Line Live Studio Mixer & Power Supply

Used with wear associated with use.  Power Supply Included.

Six mono input channels with balanced XLR Mic and ¼” TRS line inputs

Eight stereo input channels with balanced ¼” TRS jacks for balanced or unbalanced inputs

Six ¼” TRS inserts allow independent connection of effects devices for each mono channel

Dimensions and weight:

13.5” x 13.5” x 3” (343 x 343 x 76 mm)

9.3 lbs (4.2 kg)

Ultra low-noise mic preamps

Wide dynamic range with superior headroom

Separate Master Mix, Control Room and Headphone outputs

3-band EQ on all channels

Mic and Line balanced inputs for optimum audio integrity

Tape In and Record Out RCA jacks with Tape inputs assignable to Master Mix or stereo Control Room/Headphone outputs

Switchable global +48V phantom power on all mono inputs

Input Trim control on each mono channel

Pan pots on each mono channel and Balance pots on each stereo input

Pre and post-fader Aux Sends for external effects and monitoring

Two multifunction stereo Aux Returns with Aux Return controls

Switchable Low-Cut filters (18 dB/octave @ 75 Hz) on mono channels

PFL (Pre-Fader Listen) function on all channels

60mm faders on all channels and Master Mix for precise level control

¼” TRS and XLR Stereo Outputs

Peak LEDs on input channels

Dual 10-segment LED display bar graph meters

High-quality sealed pots with center detents

High-strength steel casing and superior construction with highest quality components for longest life and maximum reliability

External AC supply for optimum signal integrity and superior transient response

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