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T-Rex Engineering Mark Tremonti Phase Shifter Guitar Effect Pedal Demo #715

T-Rex Engineering Mark Tremonti Phase Shifter Guitar Effect Pedal Demo #715

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T-Rex Engineering Mark Tremonti Phase Shifter Guitar Effect Pedal Demo #715

Factory Demo

May have some light scratches.  Noteworthy scratches/scuffs/chips will be pictured.  No Box or Manual

Tested and Fully Functional

 Tremonti Phaser, the signature phase shifter brought to you by T-Rex Engineering and Mark Tremonti. Tremonti Phaser gives you everything you could ask for in a modern phase shifter. From a raw 70s grind to 21st-century sophistication, a few simple controls put you in charge of the entire history of phase-shifted tone.

The main controls on Tremonti Phaser are the DEPTH, RATE, LEVEL and BITE knobs, and the 4 STAGE/8 STAGE switch. DEPTH determines the degree of modulation, or how heavy your phased sound is. Turn it down for a subtler shift, and crank it up for a radical mangle. The RATE knob controls the phase speed – from almost imperceptible motion, to a fast and freaky warble. To start with, try combining a slow RATE setting with a high DEPTH rate, and cut back on the DEPTH as you increase your RATE. LEVEL determines the pedal’s overall output volume. The BITE knob adds just a touch of overdrive edge to your phased sound to give you an even more authentic vintage tone.

The 4 STAGE/8 STAGE switch lets you choose between a more primitive early-70s phased sound (4-STAGE) and a higher-resolution phase (8-STAGE) that might be more at home in music from the 80s, 90s and beyond. We recommend that you experiment with different combinations of these settings, since each separate parameter will affect all the others. STEREO OUT Tremonti features a stereo output so you can take advantage of all the glory of stereo chorus/flange when you’re in the studio or running a stereo live setup. If you think The Tremonti Phase

I have never used many effects but the phaser is one I have always enjoyed. T-Rex gave me the opportunity to collaborate with them to create the perfect pedal. The pedal is transparent, dynamic, and durable and has the great tones that T-Rex is known for. I love it! - Mark Tremonti

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