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T-Rex Engineering Room Mate Tube Driven Reverb Pedal with Four Presets #4679

T-Rex Engineering Room Mate Tube Driven Reverb Pedal with Four Presets #4679

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T-Rex Engineering Room Mate Tube Driven Reverb Pedal with Four Presets

Used with wear associated with use.  Minor light scratches/scuffs.  

Room-Mate, the gold standard in tube driven reverb for guitarists – now improved! Room-Mate marries cutting-edge digital technology and superior analogue craftsmanship to deliver a superb vintage reverb sound. In this second generation of Room-Mate, we’ve added expanded controls and a brilliant new spring reverb mode to our original reverb classic.


MODE is where it all starts, and you can choose between the following 4 presets:

SPRING – a short spring reverb with low decay settings, a long spring reverb with high decay settings.

ROOM – classic room reverb for an adjustable touch of live vibe.

HALL – gorgeous concert hall reverb you can adjust as you like. LFO – reverb embellished with chorus, perfect for acoustic guitar.

DECAY controls the length of your reverb trail. Keep it down for a more subtle, smaller-room effect. Turn it up to sound gigantic!

MIX controls the blend of clean signal and reverb.

LEVEL sets the overall volume of your signal out to your amp.

The HICUT knob lets you turn down the high end for a more vintage tone.

GAIN lets you turn down the signal coming into your Room-Mate. This is useful for eliminating input overload distortion when you position your Room-Mate at the end of a chain of effects or when you use it in an effects loop, where the signal from you amp is very loud.

The ON/OFF indicator light at the top centre of your Room-Mate changes colour from green to yellow/red when the input signal is too high.


Input Impedance@1KHz Higher than 1M Ohm

 Output Impedance@1KHZ Lower than 1K Ohm

Power supply 12V DC (T-Rex FuelTank) Minimum Power supply Voltage 10,8V DC Maximum Power supply Voltage 12,5V DC Current Draw @ 12V DC 330mA

Maximum Input signal Vp/p Adjustable External connectors Input Jack. Output Jack (R), Output Jack (L), 12V DC jack Controls On/Off, Level, Mode, Mix, Decay, High cut, Input Gain Pedal size incl. knobs (W x H x D) 100 x 55 x 120 mm / 3,9 x 2,2 x 4,7 inch Weight (excl. battery and packaging) 0,380 kg / 13,4 oz






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