New This Week! (12/27/20)

New This Week! (12/27/20)

Specialty Traders receives new products every week to deliver to our large and diverse group of international customers! The newest products to have arrived in our store are as follows:

1. Paul Reed Smith:

-Parlor Acoustic Guitars

The PRS SE P20E is a parlor-sized acoustic with a big voice. The PRS P20E features all-mahogany construction, and has an organic, warm voice. Featuring PRS hybrid “X”/Classical bracing, which allows the top to freely vibrate, the SE P20E projects with even, bold tone. Its smaller size makes playing for hours fun and comfortable and allows for more convenient transport.

Available in two styles:



Left to Right: 

PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Parlor Vintage Mahogany Acoustic Electric Guitar,

PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Parlor Powder Blue Acoustic Electric Guitar

-Smith SE Mira Black Guitar

With instant comfort and playability and an explosive, captivating voice, the SE Mira is a guitar you won’t want to put down. Its all-mahogany body and 85/15 “S” pickups combine to create a balanced, vintage tone that can be overdriven into well-rounded rock tones without sacrificing punch and clarity. The push/pull tone control adds to the SE Mira’s versatility.

2. Electro- Harmonix:

-New Effects Pedals

Our extensive collection of Electro- Harmonix pedals continues to grow, with best sellers such as the Freeze Sound Retainer, Corset Analog Compressor, Mod 11 Modulator, and many more EHX pedals having been restocked just this past week. Check out our newest products below!

Left to Right: 

Freeze Sound RetainerCorset Analog Compressor, & Mod 11 Modulator

3. Tascam:

-US-1X2 HR & US-2X2 HR Recording Interfaces:

High resolution reproduction in the US-HR series has been pursued based on TASCAM's policy to recreate sound as close to the original as possible. Therefore, the in-house developed Ultra-HDDA mic preamp combined with a newly improved audio circuit delivers enhanced audio performance with the most transparent and low-noise sound.


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