New This Week! (3/29/20)

New This Week! (3/29/20)

Specialty Traders receives new products every week to deliver to our large and diverse group of international customers! The newest products to have arrived in our store are as follows:

1. Dunlop:

We received seven separate shipments of Dunlop products this past week:

-Straplok Strap Locks (Left to Right):



-ISO-Brick/Mini ISO-Brick:

The Iso-Brick Power Supply is small and light with tons of quiet, noise-free DC power on tap ready to run a wide range of pedal types without crowding or weighing down your pedalboard.


-Dunlop Pedals (Left to Right/Top to Bottom):

Bass Overdrive, A/B Box, Phase 90, Phase 100, Tap Tempo, Echoplex Preamp.

Dunlop Crybaby Pedals, Rotovibe

-Jimi Hendrix Wah

Throaty and expressive, the Jimi Hendrix Wah will fire your imagination.


-Dunlop Guitar Straps (Left to Right/Top to Bottom):

JH-08 TTG StudiosJH-02 Monterey

 JH07 FillmoreJH-01 FestivalPWM01 Pendleton.


2. Rhythm Tech:

-Stickball & Stick Jingler Drum Stick Shaker Bundle Pack:

Stickball is the first Shaker designed to mount on a drumstick. It slides easily on and off your stick to give you the ability to play shaker grooves right on the kit.

The Rhythm Tech Stick Jingler is a drumstick-mounted tambourine. It slides right on your drumstick with ease to provide a tambourine groove and comes with nickel jingles.

Rhythm Tech RTSMP2 Stickball & Stick Jingler Drum Stick Shaker Effects Bundle Pack

3. Dream Cymbals:

Every Dream Cymbal is hand-made and hand-hammered, painstakingly created from fire, base metal and human spirit to create an individual masterpiece. The hand-craftsmanship of their master smiths is apparent in every Dream cymbal.

4. NUX Pedalboards and more!

Designed with the experience of crafting pedals for more than 10 years, NUX Bumblebee offers you the optimum board space, allowing you to customize your very own pedalboard in the most efficient way. You can assemble the platforms in order the way you like.

NUX NPB-M Bumblebee M 17.5 x 9.57 x 3.54"


NUX NPB-L Bumblebee L 17.5 x 12.6 x 3.54"

For more from NUX, check out our collection of NUX Pedals!

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