New This Week! (3/8/20)

New This Week! (3/8/20)

Specialty Traders receives new products every week to deliver to our large and diverse group of international customers! The newest products to have arrived in our store are as follows:

1. Hagstrom Guitars and Basses:

We recently added to our Hagstrom collection with new instruments, such as the Retroscape Condor Guitar in Tobacco Sunburst, available on our website!

2. TC Electronic:

We restocked on well-received TC Electronic Devices, including their Mojo Mojo Overdrive and Dark Matter Distortion Guitar Pedals. 


3. Behringer:

Specialty Traders now sells the Behringer XR18! The same technology used in the Behringer X32 has been incorporated into a small, but incredibly powerful, rack-mountable mixer that will forever change both the way you record and the way you play live music.

4. ESP Guitars:

As one of the best-looking, best-sounding, and highest quality single cutaway guitars ever made, the E-II Eclipse is made in Japan at the ESP factory, and designed for serious players who rely on their guitars for professional-caliber stage and studio work.

5. Warwick:

We received a large restock of Warwick Basses, including their Star Bass and Corvette Rockbass


6. Dream Cymbals:

New to the store are Dream Cymbals! These cymbals come alive, shimmering and wobbling as if the mere touch of human hands excites the cymbal and it can’t wait to get its voice out there and sing.



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