New This Week! (4/5/20)

New This Week! (4/5/20)

Specialty Traders receives new products every week to deliver to our large and diverse group of international customers! The newest products to have arrived in our store are as follows:

1. Paul Reed Smith:

-Paul Reed Smith 35th Anniversary guitars

The PRS 35th Anniversary SE Custom 24 is here to celebrate 35 years of guitar making and innovation. Designed around the one that started it all, the Custom 24, this limited-edition model captures the essential elements of an iconic model and adds the musical functionality of the Paul’s Guitar, creating a new, versatile platform.

2. Gator

-Gator Portable Stool & Stand

The Gator Portable Stool & Stand holds Acoustic, Electric & Bass Guitars with a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs and Folds for Easy Transport.

-Gator Acoustic Guitar Cases

We received many Gator Acoustic Guitar Cases, featuring ultra-durable arch-topped plywood construction that stands up to years of use and abuse
and Black Tolex PVC covering for a moisture-resistant, rugged exterior.

3. Rhythm Tech:

-Stickball & Stick Jingler Drum Stick Shaker Bundle Pack:

Stickball is the first Shaker designed to mount on a drumstick. It slides easily on and off your stick to give you the ability to play shaker grooves right on the kit.

The Rhythm Tech Stick Jingler is a drumstick-mounted tambourine. It slides right on your drumstick with ease to provide a tambourine groove and comes with nickel jingles.

Rhythm Tech RTSMP2 Stickball & Stick Jingler Drum Stick Shaker Effects Bundle Pack

4. Warwick:

-RockBoard Patch Cables

Designed to be extra flat and space-saving, the RockBoard Patch Cables optimize pedalboard real-estate, featuring a slim rectangular body and extra thin angled plugs.


-RockBoard Patch Cables Kits

The Warwick Rockboard PatchWorks Patch Cable Kits feature a unique 2-directional 2-piece connector design. They allow for assembly of 5 patch cables and can be assembled as either straight or angled plugs with a plug’n play design - no cable stripping required.

Available in Gold or Chrome!

5. Washburn:

-Washburn Parallaxe

Washburn Parallaxe guitars are designed specifically for modern chops intensive shredders. No corners have been cut, no compromises have been made in design or features; it is the perfect shred machine.

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