New This Week! (5/24/20)

New This Week! (5/24/20)

Specialty Traders receives new products every week to deliver to our large and diverse group of international customers! The newest products to have arrived in our store are as follows:

1. G&L:

-USA Guitars and Basses!

Never before had such a wide range of tones come from a single bass. Designed by Leo Fender himself, the G&L USA Guitars and Basses continue to win the hearts of bassists of every style and musical taste.



Left to Right: G&L USA L-2000G&L USA Fullerton DeluxeG&L Guitars USA Fullerton DeluxeG&L USA Fullerton Limited Edition Fallout Bass British Racing.

-Tribute Guitars and Basses!

The G&L "Tribute" Series is full of all-time favorite models, such as ASAT, L-2000, and Legacy guitars and basses. Soon to be listed on our website! Keep an eye out for these fantastic instruments.

2. NUX:


NUX pedals are created with the combination of musicians’ ideas and the engineering research developed by engineers, who are also musicians themselves. NUX pedals are crafted to create a sound better than good: what they call inspirational sound. With this sound in mind, the possibilities of creation are endless for a musician wielding a NUX pedal


Left to Right: NUX Masamune Boost & CompressorNUX Roctary Rotary Speaker & Polyphonic OctaveMelvin Lee Davis Bass Preamp DI Cabinet Emulation & Tone Editing.


What master of pedals doesn't also have a trusty pedalboard to display them? NUX, in addition to unique pedals, also manufactures pedalboards. 


Left to Right: NUX NPB-L Bumblebee PedalBoard L 17.5 x 12.6 x 3.54"NUX NPB-M Bumblebee M 17.5 x 9.57 x 3.54".

3. Dunlop:

 -Crybaby 95Q!

The Crybaby 95Q takes Dunlop's original Cry Baby Wah and addeds three of their most popular upgrades: the famous Q Control, which varies the intensity of the wah effect by adjusting the effect's bandpass shape; Volume Boost, for up to +15dB added gain; and their Auto-Return function that automatically engages the effect when you place your foot on the pedal. It all adds up to a versatile, great sounding wah.

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