New This Week! (5/31/20)

New This Week! (5/31/20)

Specialty Traders receives new products every week to deliver to our large and diverse group of international customers! The newest products to have arrived in our store are as follows:

1. Warwick:

-RockBoard Patch Cables

The new RockBoard patch cables are extra flat and space-saving. Designed to optimize pedalboard real estate, they feature a slim rectangular body and extra thin angled plugs, to keep your setup tidy and neat looking.


Left to Right: Warwick Rockboard Flat Patch Guitar Bass Pedalboard Cable 60 cm 23.62" BlackWarwick Rockboard Flat Patch Guitar Bass Pedalboard Cable 20 cm 7.87" GoldWarwick Rockboard Flat Patch Guitar Bass Pedalboard Cable 20 cm 7.87" Gold 3 Pack.


 The ingenious, lightweight, rigid and rugged construction, based on only one sheet of cold-rolled aluminum and U-shaped vertical support braces for additional stability, as well as the innovative slot-based design lets you hide cables easily for a neat and tidy design are what make Warwick PedalBoards great. 


Left to Right: Warwick Rockboard Quad 4.2 AWarwick Rockboard 4.2 Quad B.

-RockStand Guitar Stands

Compact and reliable, these Warwick RockStand Guitar and Bass stands are perfect for touring musicians or those individuals who wish to show off their stellar instrument collection. These stands are equipped with foam padding for extra instrument protection and are easy to assemble, not to mention will safely secure up to seven guitars or basses!


Left to Right: S 20851 B/1RS 20882 B/1 FP.

2. PRS:

-Locking Tuners

Paul Reed Smith Locking Tuners are innovative, easy, and a complete time saver! 

  1. Line up the hole in the tuning peg so that it is pointing at the nut slot.
  2. Put the string through the hole and keep as little slack as possible.
  3. Turn the cap screw so that it is finger tight.
  4. You may use a coin to further tighten the cap screw if needed, but no more than 1/8th turn. Do not over tighten.
  5. Bend the string backwards towards the outside of the headstock to help lock in place.
  6. Bring the string to pitch and cut off the excess string.

These will soon be available on our website!

PRS Phase II Locking Tuners

 3. Breedlove:

-Performer Concerto Guitar

Breedlove’s largest body style delivers all it promises. In a high gloss Performer configuration—with eye-catching Bourbon stain—it will solidly back the largest ensemble or provide classic support for a solo singer/songwriter. Whether you are on stage in front of thousands or just in front of your mirror, the Performer Concerto Bourbon CE will take you there.

4. Dunlop MXR:

-M222 Talk Box 

The Talk Box is a classic effect-you can hear it on some of the greatest songs ever recorded, across genres and time, from funk and '70s rock to hard rock and metal. Its unique, highly expressive character is instantly recognizable.

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