New This Week! (6/14/20)

New This Week! (6/14/20)

Specialty Traders receives new products every week to deliver to our large and diverse group of international customers! The newest products to have arrived in our store are as follows:

1. Walrus:

-Effects Pedals

New pedals from Walrus have arrived, such as the 385 Overdrive and the Voyager Preamp!


2. Digitech:

-Whammy Effects Pedal

The legendary Whammy Pitch Shifter Pedal is the premier pitch-shifting pedal for any guitarist’s board, and it only gets better with time. In addition to the classic Whammy sound, Digitech has added chordal Whammy pitch-shifting and true bypass.

3. Tascam:

-Tascam TM-180 Condenser Microphone

In recording, microphone plays an important role, that is, converting the pneumatic vibration that turns the sound into electric signals. TM-180 is the standard model in the TASCAM microphone series that have been tested with the TASCAM products, specialized in the bright sound quality. In addition to this, the product includes a professional-use suspension to avoid noise mixing due to the microphone vibration during recording.

-Tascam TH-07 High Definition Monitor Headphones

TH-07 has excellent specifications with a frequency response of 10Hz to 30kHz and sensitivity of 100 +3dB. The result is headphones which duplicate the audio quality of premium near field monitors but as a personal on-ear listening experience.



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