New This Week! (8/23/20)

New This Week! (8/23/20)

Specialty Traders receives new products every week to deliver to our large and diverse group of international customers! The newest products to have arrived in our store are as follows:

1. Dream Cymbals:

-New Arrivals

Every Dream Cymbal is hand-made and hand-hammered, painstakingly created from fire, base metal and human spirit to create an individual masterpiece. The hand-craftsmanship of their master smiths is apparent in every Dream cymbal.

Above Product: Dream Cymbals CH24 Hand Forged & Hammered 24" China Cymbal

2. Warwick:

-Electric & Acoustic Bass Guitars

Each Warwick Bass is made with the combined love and experience of their great team of qualified luthiers and accomplished master- builders. 


Above: Warwick Rockbass Alien Deluxe Thinline Acoustic Bass.

Above: Warwick German Pro Series Corvette Bass.

A Pro Series Warwick Teambuilt instrument is crafted in the same factory by our highly qualified staff under the direct supervision of our top master-builders. Now a customer can get a German Warwick bass at an affordable price. 

These instruments and many more Acoustic and Electric German and Rockbass Warwick Basses!

-RockBoard LED Dampers

Have you ever been blinded on stage? Not by the sweet halo of the limelight, but rather the cold shine of LEDs on your pedalboards? Now there is a solution. The RockBoard LED Dampers are defractive caps for LEDs that will dampen the glare of bright LEDs on your pedals.

 -RockBoard Mod 5

The RockBoard Modules are simple all-in-one patchbays for the RockBoard series pedalboards. Fitting all new RockBoards except the Duo 2.1, they provide various cable connections to fit a wide variety of needs as a convenient through box. Manage all connections to and from your effects setup in one place and in a tidy manner.


-Warwick Pedalboards

The updated 2019 RockBoard pedalboard series is based on the innovations of our completely re-designed 2018 Series and incorporates a lot of added features, based on suggestions from musicians all around the world. The ingenious, lightweight, rigid and rugged construction, based on only one sheet of cold-rolled aluminum and U-shaped vertical support braces for additional stability, as well as the innovative slot-based design lets you hide cables easily for a neat and tidy design, all stay the same. The RockBoard and more Warwick pedalboards available on our website!


Left to Right: Warwick RockBoard Duo 2.2Warwick RockBoard Duo 2.1

-Starline & Crosswalker Gig Bags

The Warwick Starline Deluxe Gig Bag is a bass shell from laminate consisting of 20 mm foam, 5 mm Polyphene padding, 2 mm plastic plate. It features a velvety, soft liner for maximum protection of the instrument and thick padded neck support with inside accessory pocket. The Starline and the Crosswalker are both an excellent choice of gig bag. 

Above Product: Warwick Starline Deluxe Bass Gig Bag

3. Paul Reed Smith:

-PRS SE Zach Myers Semi Hollow Guitar 

Zach Myers, lead guitarist of the multi-platinum rock band Shinedown, picked up a PRS Custom 22 at the age of fifteen and announced his first SE signature model in 2010. As a guitarist who has rocked PRS on the stage and teched for several PRS bands, Myers has an intimate understanding of how a guitar should feel and what the build quality should be. The PRS SE Zach Myers Semi Hollow Guitar is "... the best guitar I have ever played," Zach Myers, Shinedown.

4. Levy's Straps:

New guitar straps from Levy's have arrived at Specialty Traders! make sure to stay updated on all the new listings via our Instagram and FaceBook

From your grandpa’s old acoustic to your first guitar lessons. From rocking out in your parents’ garage to headlining your first gig–Levy’s is more than a strap. It’s a right of passage. An invitation to play on the shoulders of giants, and with them. An empowering rally cry to define your sound, and live your legacy.

Top to Bottom: Levy's Polyester Green & Blue Diamonds StrapLevy's Black Blue & Purple Guitar Strap, & Levy's Blue & Red Guitar Strap.

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