New This Week! (8/9/20)

New This Week! (8/9/20)

Specialty Traders receives new products every week to deliver to our large and diverse group of international customers! The newest products to have arrived in our store are as follows:

1. Laney Amplifiers

-New Arrivals

We received a shipment of new Laney Amplifiers! From large to small, amp heads and even bluetooth devices, Specialty Traders has you covered on all your Laney needs!


Above image: Laney LG20R 8" 20 Watt Reverb Guitar Amplifier Combo

2. Palatino:

-VE-500 Electric Upright Bass

True, deep upright bass tones, a chambered body with no amplified feedback at high volumes, and portability make the VE-500 the ideal for the gigging bass player.

3. Behringer:


We received a shipment of new Microphones from Behringer

These professional-quality condenser microphones are designed to capture your sounds with incredible realism, sensitivity and accuracy. 

Above Image: Behringer SB78A Cardioid Condenser Hand Held Microphone 3 Pack

4. VHT:

-New Amplifiers

The VHT Special 6 2x12 cabinet is designed to be paired with the best-selling Special 6 head, and it's also perfect for the new Special 6 Ultra. The 2x12 is assembled from high quality birch plywood in an open-back cabinet design.

Also Available: Redline 12" and 10", Special open and closed back 1x12

-Amp Heads

The VHT Special 6, Special 6 Ultra, and Special 8/8 have all arrived at Specialty Traders!

5. MXR:

-Effect Pedals and Wah Pedals

We received a large shipment of popular MXR pedals and wah pedals, including the Micro ChorusGT Overdrive, Bass Chorus Deluxe, and Fasel Dual Inductor Wah.


Left to Right: Micro ChorusGT Overdrive, Bass Chorus Deluxe, and Fasel Dual Inductor Wah.



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