New This Week! (9/6/20)

New This Week! (9/6/20)

Specialty Traders receives new products every week to deliver to our large and diverse group of international customers! The newest products to have arrived in our store are as follows:

1. Sadowsky:

-MetroLine Basses

Roger Sadowsky's goal was always to further improve an already very successful bass design by making a number of detailed improvements. Along with the electronics, which he developed by himself, he succeeded to raise the well-known J/J bass sound to a new level, so today you can speak of a typical Sadowsky tone: Never harsh or shrill sounding, with strong, powerful but never muddy bass, with present, but not too aggressive mids, and a sweet and airy treble range.

Available in Ocean Blue and Candy Apple Red


2. ESP:

-New LTD Guitars 

Specialty Traders received a huge shipment of ESP LTD Guitars two weeks ago. These iconic guitars are just now being listed- check them out before they're gone!

-Guitars in the LTD EC-1000 Series are designed to offer the tone, feel, looks, and quality that working professional musicians need in an instrument, along with the pricing that typical musicians can still afford.

-The LTD ’87 Series are faithful recreations of this set of instruments from ESP’s 1987 catalog. Unlike the current single-cutaway Eclipse shape, the original ESP Eclipse was based on the TE archtop shape, which is the basis of the LTD Eclipse ’87.

- With the ESP LTD Deluxe Phoenix-1000, you get an instrument with both outstanding looks, supreme playability, and the most contemporary set of features for modern music performance.


Left to Right: ESP LTD EC-1000 Gloss BlackESP LTD EC-1000 Black Cherry,

ESP LTD Eclipse Pearl White, & ESP LTD Phoenix 1000 See Thru Black Cherry.

3. EHX:

-Effects Pedals

We just restocked fan favorite pedals from Electro-Harmonix, including the Small Stone, Double Muff, and many more!

-Get the sound that made the Classic 1970 Small Stone famous with the Small Stone from EHX

-The EHX Double Muff gives you two distortions in one! Now in a compact, rugged Nano-sized package.


Left to Right: Small Stone, & Double Muff.

 4. Levy's:

-Straps, Straps, and More Straps!

We received one of our Biggest Levy's Shipments Yet this past week, including their famous leather straps, their printed straps, and even guitar straps from thier kids' collection! If you're looking for a new. comfortable guitar strap that will last, Specialty Traders has you covered!

-From your grandpa’s old acoustic to your first guitar lessons. From rocking out in your parents’ garage to headlining your first gig–Levy’s is more than a strap. It’s a right of passage. An invitation to play on the shoulders of giants, and with them. An empowering rally cry to define your sound, and live your legacy.


Left to Right (1st Row):

MSJ26 RustMP-25 Burgundy, & MSJ26-BRG Burgundy.


Left to Right (2nd Row):

MPS2-064 Black White,MP2-009 Sunflower Yellow, & MPJR-003 Dinosour Camo.


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