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Animals Pedals Car Crush Chorus Vibe Guitar Effect Pedal

Animals Pedals Car Crush Chorus Vibe Guitar Effect Pedal

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Animals Pedals Car Crush Chorus/Vibe Guitar Effect Pedal


"Psychedelic" sound that was born in the chaotic world conditions of the late 60's. There is one unique Japanese-made modulation effect that supports the tone.

A sound that sounds like twisting and rolling. The heavy tones sway like the wind while rotating. The sound of the mysterious box, whose name was almost unknown at the time, further deified the sound of left-handed guitarists who are even said to be "gods".

Uni-Vibe. The equipment was so called. Original models are still sought by artists all over the world.

Animals Pedal Car Crush Chorus / Vibe is a chorus / vibrato pedal to make such vintage modulation sounds simple.

When combined with classical distortion effects, the end of the 60's enthusiasm ensues. Unlike expensive and hard to obtain original models, it is compact, simple, easy to handle, and you can easily carry it around to enjoy “vibe sound”.

Not only classical tones but also, for example, combined with fantastic spread reverb effects etc., new sounds are produced again.

Experience that tone with the compact pedals of three control knobs and toggle switches.

DEPTH: Adjust the swing depth.
RATE: Adjust the speed of shaking.
COLOR: Fine tunes the frequency response to control the tone.
CHORUS-VIBE: Selects the chorus and vibe effects.

The Car Crush Chorus / Vibe uses a true bypass footswitch and is powered by a 9V battery or a standard center negative DC9V adapter.

Current consumption: 5.5mA
Input impedance: 500k
Output impedance: 10k

* When using the battery, when storing the effector, unplug the plug from the input jack to reduce battery consumption. In addition, please remove the battery and store it when not using it for a long time.

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