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Avante Veillette Gryphon 12 String Short Scale Tobacco Burst Acoustic Electric Guitar & Bag #977

Avante Veillette Gryphon 12 String Short Scale Tobacco Burst Acoustic Electric Guitar & Bag #977

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Avante Veillette Gryphon 12 String Short Scale Tobacco Burst Acoustic Electric Guitar & Bag


The Gryphon is a “High-D” short-scale fretted instrument that is set up similarly to a guitar, allowing you to use the same familiar chord shapes and scales that you already know, but is tuned to a high D note (the equivalent to the 10th fret of a standard guitar). Also, the Gryphon has 12-strings, with six sets of unison courses similar to a mandolin. The result is celestial, sparkling highs and punchy mid-register, giving the Gryphon unique cut and punch. A wide range of artists have been using the Gryphon for many years, including respected players like Vince Gill, John Sebastian, Kaki King, and many others.

As the most popular acoustic model created by Veillette Guitars, the Gryphon has inspired and intrigued players all over the world, and been seen and heard on some of the biggest stages and best studios in the industry. Celestial, sparkling highs and punchy mid-register give the Gryphon unique cut and punch, and an unusually wide range of applications. Guitarists will love being able to play mandolin-style parts in a new high register, and even mandolin players will discover new horizons, including the ability to play guitar-like or fingerstyle patterns in a mandolin tonality and range. The Gryphon is designed for D tuning (equivalent to the 10th fret of a standard guitar). This unique range is made possible by its short scale length (18.1") and custom strings (gauges .009" to .042”). The unison courses of the 12-string Gryphon produce a rich, natural chorus and depth that brings to mind mandolins, bouzoukis, quatros, and other traditional folk instruments — along with a powerful rhythm "chop”. In the studio or on stage, the Gryphon sounds great both acoustically or amplified with its piezo pickup and active preamp, with onboard volume and tone controls.

TOP Sitka Spruce
BACK/SIDES Sapele Mahogany
NECK Sapele Mahogany
FINISH Tobacco Burst
SCALE 18.1"
STRINGS .0085/.011/.015/.020 wound/.029/.042
ELECTRONICS Piezo Pickup with Active Preamp and Volume and Tone Control
CASE Original Soft Case

About Veillette
The Gryphon is made by Veillette Guitars and its renowned founder, luthier Joe Veillette. Joe got into guitar building in the early 1970s, and spent the mid part of that decade in a partnership with Harvey Citron, creating the well-known Veillette-Citron Guitar brand. He went on to partner with respected instrument designers Stuart Spector, Michael Tobias, and others. Joe has been an active performing and recording musician for over five decades, with an impressive list of album credits.

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