Bigfoot Engineering Octo Puss Prime Fuzz Octave Guitar Effect Pedal

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Bigfoot Engineering Octo Puss Prime Fuzz Octave Guitar Effect Pedal


Handmade in the UK

From Bigfoot Engineering:

A high performance fuzz-octave pedal with superb accuracy.

What is it?
A fuzz-octave guitar effects pedal that combines vintage and modern parts for an unrivaled tone.

How does it sound?
Inspired by Jimi Hendrix, Jack White and Josh Homme, our octave up generator utilises germanium diodes for authentic vintage tones. We then combine them with a premium studio quality audio transformer to provide far better frequency response and tracking than any other analogue octave pedal on the market. The fuzz circuit is a specially voiced version of the Bigfoot King Fuzz for fat lows, powerful mids, and detailed highs.

Unique features
The Octo Puss Prime can track chords far more accurately than other analogue octave-up effects pedals. In addition, the octave circuit is uniquely placed before the fuzz circuit, allowing us to design a fuzz which retains a strong bass response and ensures the treble response doesn't ever become harsh.

This is the perfect tool for premium quality fuzz-octave that's always perfectly balanced.

-Gain pot (top left) adjusts the amount of distortion. -Volume pot (top right) sets the output level. -On/off footswitch (bottom middle) is available with true bypass or buffered bypass wiring options. -On/off indicator LED (top middle).

-Mono 1/4" input and output jack sockets (side-mounted). -Industry standard 2.1mm centre negative power supply socket (top-mounted).

Power requirements
9vDC power supply or internally fitted PP3 battery. Current draw > 5mA. ​

Signal chain placement
Connect it anywhere on your pedalboard and get consistent tone every time.

All analogue, hand built in England UK.

-Length 133mm (5.24").
-Width 133mm (5.24").
-Height 35mm (1.38").
-Weight 0.43 kg (0.95 lbs).

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