Bigfoot Engineering Thunder Pup Classic British Overdrive Green Guitar Effect Pedal

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Bigfoot Engineering Thunder Pup Classic British Overdrive Green Guitar Effect Pedal


Handmade in the UK

From Bigfoot Engineering:

A British overdrive with 2 classic tones: a stack and a combo amp.

What is it?
A low/medium gain guitar pedal that covers all the classic British overdrive tones.

How does it sound?
The Thunder Pup has 2 settings; The Big Amp mode is inspired by the tones of Angus Young (AC/DC) and captures the classic Marshall Plexi 4x12 stack sound. It has a little more gain, a stronger lower-midrange punch, and powerful low frequency response. The Little Amp mode has a faster attack in the lows, cleaner mids, and more air in the highs like a vintage open back 2x12 combo, such as the Vox AC30 or the Marshall Bluesbreaker.

Unique features
The Thunder Pup does not feature any EQ controls because the tone of the pedal has been meticulously crafted to provide the perfect sweet spot every time. The character of any guitar will always shine through, retaining every nuance of your playing dynamics and reacting flawlessly to your guitar's volume controls.

If you're looking for very high quality overdriven guitar tones from a pedal, this is the tool for the job.

-Gain pot (top left) adjusts the amount of overdrive.
-Volume pot (top right) sets the output level.
-Big Amp/Little Amp switch (middle) toggles between classic stack and combo amp tones.
-On/off footswitch (bottom right) is available with true bypass or buffered bypass wiring options.
-On/off indicator LED (top middle).

-Mono 1/4" input and output jack sockets (side-mounted).
-Industry standard 2.1mm centre negative power supply socket (top-mounted).

Power requirements
9vDC power supply or internally fitted PP3 battery. Current draw > 5mA.

Signal chain placement
Connect it anywhere on your pedalboard and get consistent tone every time.

All analogue, hand built in England UK. ​

-Length 119mm (4.69").
-Width 94mm (3.70").
-Height 30mm (1.18").
-Weight 0.33 kg (0.73 lbs).

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