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Boss GT-3 Multi Effect Guitar Pedal & Power Supply Used

Boss GT-3 Multi Effect Guitar Pedal & Power Supply Used

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Boss GT-3 Multi Effect Guitar Pedal & Power Supply 

Used with wear associated with use.  Cosmetic scratches/scuffs/chips.  Tested and works as it should.

Specs from Boss:

The GT-3 Guitar Effects Processor takes the professional-quality guitar effects and killer COSM-based preamp of the flagship GT-5 and places them in a sturdy, compact pedalboard with a surprisingly low price. With 32 onboard effects -- including new Auto Riff, Acoustic effects and a Pickup Simulator--the GT-3 opens the doors to a whole new world of guitar processing power.

Floor-based guitar effects processor/preamp with 32 killer effects
COSM™ preamp with vintage and modern guitar amp emulations, speaker cabinet and mic simulation
New Auto Riff triggers complete musical riffs from a single note
New Pickup Simulator produces fat humbucking sounds from a single-coil guitar or vice versa
Slicer and Feedbacker effects for interesting rhythmic/sustained sounds
Includes 12 analog distortion and overdrive effects
New EZ Edit mode for quick effects adjustment with four easy steps
New acoustic-electric guitar effects, including Anti-Feedback, Bi-Stereo Chorus (2 x 2), and Acoustic-Electric preamp settin
Sturdy, all-metal chassis built to withstand years of rigorous use
High-quality 24-bit A/D and 20-bit D/A converters for great sound
Note that this product is no longer in production. Similar capabilties can be found in the GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor.

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