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Boss IR-2 Amplifier & Cabinet Impulse Response Guitar Effect Pedal

Boss IR-2 Amplifier & Cabinet Impulse Response Guitar Effect Pedal

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Boss IR-2 Amplifier & Cabinet Impulse Response Guitar Effect Pedal


We strongly recommend using the proper power supply for any pedal. Daisy chain power supplies may not supply enough power when using multiple pedals or introduce noise into the chain. Consult the pedal manual when available for manufacturer recommended power specifications.

A professional direct guitar solution in a BOSS compact pedal.

Take Your Signature Sound Everywhere

When using a regular guitar amplifier, getting consistent tones in different performance situations can sometimes be a challenge. With the compact and versatile IR-2 in your rig, you’re always ready to deliver your signature sound directly to a house PA or recording setup when needed. Choose from 11 premium amp types paired with Celestion Digital IRs and instantly tweak your sound via simple controls. Use the mono/stereo loop for post-amp effects and plug in headphones for monitoring and quiet practice. And with onboard USB-C, you can easily interface with music software and load in your favorite cab IRs.

Premium amp emulator and cabinet IR loader in a BOSS compact pedal
Exceptional audio quality with 32-bit floating-point processing and 96 kHz sampling rate
Eleven different amp types and high-quality cab IRs from Celestion Digital
Simple user interface with Level, Gain, Bass, Middle, and Treble controls
Ambience effect with dedicated control
Mono input and stereo outputs
Mono/stereo loop for patching in mod, delay, and reverb effects after the amp emulation
Headphones jack for practice
USB-C for recording and audio playback via a computer or iOS device
Switch between two amp/cab tones with the pedal switch or an external footswitch
Dedicated IR-2 IR Loader app (macOS/Windows) for loading your own cabinet IRs
Amp and cabinet sections can be turned on/off independently for isolated use
BOSS five-year warranty

Pro Guitar Sounds to Go
The IR-2 packs the inspiring sounds of classic tube amps and mic’d speaker cabinets in a standard stompbox footprint, giving you easy access to studio-grade tones on quiet stages, fly dates, recording gigs, and practice sessions. Backed by decades of BOSS tone expertise, every selection delivers the same expressive nuance and dynamic touch response of a real amp and cabinet. Audio quality is also top-notch, thanks to advanced DSP, 32-bit floating point processing, and a 96 kHz sampling rate.

Inspiring Tones for Every Style
Eleven solid platforms dish up every guitar amp flavor, from famous tube combos to vintage and modern stacks. There are also several original BOSS amps, including a high-gain Brown type derived from the Katana series. The amps are all paired with curated Celestion Digital IRs for dialing up polished sounds right away. If you prefer to use cab IRs from your own collection, you can load them into the pedal via USB-C and a dedicated app.

IR-2 Guitar Amps and Cabinet IRs
CLEAN BOSS original amp with a natural clean sound 1x12” Celestion V-Type
TWN Fender Twin Reverb 2x12” Celestion A-Type
TWEED 1959 Fender Bassman 4x10” Celestion G10 Gold
DIAMOND Vox AC-30 2x12” Celestion Blue
CRUNCH BOSS original amp with a high-clarity crunch sound 2x12” Celestion G12-65
BRIT Marshall 1959 Super Lead 4x12” Celestion G12M-Heritage
HI-GAIN BOSS original amp with smooth, well-defined gain sounds 4x12” Celestion G12M Creamback
SLDN Soldano SLO-100 4x12” Celestion Vintage 30
BROWN BOSS original high-gain amp derived from the Katana series 4x12” Celestion G12M-Heritage
MODDED BOSS original amp with extreme gain and high definition 4x12” Celestion G12K-100
RFIER MESA/Boogie Dual Rectifier (Channel 2, Modern mode) 4x12” Celestion Vintage 30
Company names and product names shown above are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners. They are used because it is the most practical way of describing the sounds that are emulated using DSP technology.

Immediate Sound Creation
With the IR-2’s intuitive interface, you’ll be ready to play in seconds. Simply select an amp type and tweak the sound with familiar amp-style controls. Then twist the Ambience knob to add some natural spaciousness and depth if desired. You can plug your other pedals into the IR-2’s input, just like you would with an amp. If you want to go further, use the send/return loop to patch mod, delay, and reverb effects into the chain after the amp sounds. The TRS return jack supports stereo operation, letting you pass stereo effects to the IR-2’s audio outputs.

Play and Record Anywhere
Adding the IR-2 to your pedalboard greatly expands its versatility, giving you a complete guitar sound solution everywhere you play.

Practice and Rehearsal
Connect headphones and enjoy top-quality guitar tones in every practice session, whether playing at home or traveling on the road. And prepare for upcoming shows with the same pedalboard setup you’ll use on stage. Audio playback from a computer or iOS device is supported via USB-C, allowing you to jam with songs from your music library and follow along with lessons from YouTube and other sources.

Stage Performance
Take the guesswork out of great stage sound and perform with consistent tones in every venue. Sending a feed from the IR-2’s outputs to a house PA system provides a studio-quality signal that’s not affected by the performance environment. And if you need more than one amp sound while performing, you can toggle between two IR-2 amp/cab setups with the pedal switch or an external footswitch.

Via the IR-2’s USB-C connector, send the sound of your complete rig directly to music recording software. Add tracks to full productions in a computer DAW. Or plug into your smartphone and capture inspiration on the move. You can monitor audio from the IR-2 and your software through headphones, eliminating the need to use a separate audio interface.

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