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Boss OS-2 Overdrive Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal

Boss OS-2 Overdrive Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal

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Boss OS-2 Overdrive Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal


We strongly recommend using the proper power supply for any pedal. Daisy chain power supplies may not supply enough power when using multiple pedals or introduce noise into the chain. Consult the pedal manual when available for manufacturer recommended power specifications.

The OS-2 gives players a choice of overdrive or distortion or lets them combine both--all in a single compact pedal. Its distortion maintains the subtle nuances of single-coil guitar pickups.

Flexible distortion pedal capable of producing blended overdrive/distortion soundsbr> Provides both "over-the-top" distortion sounds and less extreme overdrive tones for rhythm playingbr> Includes Level, Tone, Drive and Color controls for precise tonal shapingbr> BOSS five-year warranty

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