Carvin Redline R600 Series III 600 Watt Stereo Bass Amplifier Rack Head Used

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Carvin Redline R600 Series III 600 Watt Stereo Bass Amplifier Rack Head Used

Used with wear associated with use.  Minor scratches/scuffs/chips, in line with age and use.  Clean and works as it should.  

From Carvin:

Every R600 is made from heavy-duty 16 gauge steel that is galvanized before being painted to prevent rust. All internal cabling is neatly tied and harnessed. Every circuit card is MIL SPEC, double-sided, through-hole plated, fire retardant FR-4 glass epoxy. This insures that the solder flows on the top, bottom and through each hole of every component, preventing components from shaking loose. Toroid transformers are used as they are the engineer’s choice for greater power supply current while reducing weight and magnetic “hum” fields.

Output Power
8Ω THD < 1% 175/175w
4Ω THD < 1% 250/250w
2Ω THD < 1% 300/300w
8Ω Bridged THD < 1% 500w
4Ω Bridged THD < 1% 600w
Input Impedance (passive input) 1MΩ (active input) 200kΩ
Pre-Shape EQ. Low Boost: +8dB @ 80Hz
Mid Shift: 250 Hz or 500 Hz @ 10dB
Hi Boost: +6dB @ 3kHz
Main EQ. Low ±12dB @ 100Hz
Mid Sweep ±12dB @ 200Hz-2kHz
High ±12dB @ 6kHz
Graphic EQ Freq. ±12dB @ 50, 80, 125, 250, 500, 800, 1.3k, 2.6k, 5k
Compressor Variable Threshold Range (-10dB to -35dB)
Variable Ratio Range (1.3 to 1) to (5 to 1)
Noise Gate Variable Threshold Range off to -30dB
Crossover 12dB per Octave Sweepable 200Hz to 2kHz
AC Requirements 120VAC 60 Hz or 240VAC 50 Hz optional model
Power Requirements R600: 700VA,
Dimensions (no cabinet) 3 1/2” High x 19” Wide x 10” Deep

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