Digitech FSX3 3 Button Footswitch Controller & Cable for Guitar Effect Pedals

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Digitech FSX3 3 Button Footswitch Controller & Cable


The DigiTech FS3X is a welcomed addition to several DigiTech products; The Jimi Hendrix Experience™, The JamMan® and Expression Factory™ to name a few. The FS3X provides increased functionality and convenient Hands-free™ control over UP/DOWN selection of Models, Mode changes, Loop selection, auto START/STOPS and arms auto record where applicable. Compact and portable its small foot-print takes very little space on stage or in your gig bag. Durable 3 button metal chassis construction. A 10' stereo TRS cable is included with each unit. GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR DIGITECH PRODUCTS WHILE PERFORMING OR PRACTICING


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