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Digitech V-10 Premium Isolated Pedalboard Effect Pedal Power Brick Supply

Digitech V-10 Premium Isolated Pedalboard Effect Pedal Power Brick Supply

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Digitech V-10 Premium Isolated Pedalboard Effect Pedal Power Brick Supply

Factory B Stock: May have some minor cosmetic scratches/scuffs.  The original product box has some rough corners  Tested and works as it should.  All cables pictured are included.

DON’T COMPROMISE YOUR PEDALBOARD’S TONE Your pedalboard is the sum of all its parts. Power your pedals with the same high-quality materials that every Digitech pedal is built with. The CSA-Certified Digitech V-10 Power Block ensures ultimate tonal integrity, protection, and low noise for your pedalboard. The Digitech V-10 Power Block’s 10 fully-isolated DC outputs are arranged to provide the power your pedals need with four 9V 150mA outputs, two sets of 9V/12V outputs that can be merged to provide 300mA or 400mA, and two more variable outputs to starve voltage from 5V-9V for the drained battery tone. The V-10 Power Block powers anything from vintage fuzzes to modern power-hungry digital pedals, all with low-noise fully-isolated outputs.

Power your pedalboard with the Digitech V-10 Power Block knowing that your pedals are protected and performing at the highest possible level night after night. And as expected, the Digitech V-10 comes with our exceptional 6-year warranty.

V-10 Power Block Specs
# of Outputs 10
Output Connectors 2.1x5.5mm Barrel Jacks
Fully Isolated Outputs Yes
DIP Switch Configurable Yes
Output Voltages Currents
4 x 9V 140mA
2 x 9V/12V 140mA (9V/12V merged 280mA)
2 x 9V/12V 200mA (9V/12V merged 400mA)
2 x 9V/5-12V 140mA

LED Indicators
1 x Green (Power)
2 x Yellow (Merge)
2 x Yellow (Variable)

Cables Included 17
AC Consumption 35W Max

L = 7.5” (191mm)
D = 3.6” (91mm)
H = 2.2” (56mm)
Weight 1.8 lb (0.8 kg)
Warranty 6 Years

10 fully isolated outputs eliminate ground loop buzz
Shielded toroidal transformer eliminates interference
Short circuit protection and filtering on each output
2 sets of merging outputs for power hungry digital pedals
Heavy-gauge aircraft-grade aluminum for maximum heat dissipation
Durable compact design mounts under Pedaltrain™ pedalboards
6 year manufacturer warranty

Dimensions 7.5″x 3.6″ x 2.2″ 191mm x 91mm x 56mm
Unit Weight 1.8 lbs., 0.80kg

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