DiMarzio DP175 True Velvet Middle Strat Single Coil Guitar Pickup DP175SW White

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DiMarzio DP175 True Velvet Middle Strat Single Coil Guitar Pickup DP175SW White

It's not difficult to make a vintage single-coil pickup that's clean and bright, but not so easy if you also want the high strings to sound sweet above the 12th fret. The True Velvet™ was designed to make this happen by tuning the coil to a frequency range that’s bright but not thin. We combined this with a magnet stagger specifically designed to enhance string balance, which produces great clarity, even with full chords. The True Velvet™ Neck and Middle models have the same specs except for reverse polarity on the middle pickup for hum cancellation in the 2 and 4 positions. The True Velvet™ Middle comes standard with hand-ground magnets and vintage cloth covered wire.

Recommended For Middle position

Tech Talk
The True Velvet™ is a further development of our Blue Velvet™ line. We've re-tuned the basic frequency response to hone in on the strongest aspects of vintage single-coil tone. The best vintage single-coils emphasized a “sweet spot” where the sound is bright but not piercing. The True Velvet™ is tuned to this spot, making it equally effective for many playing styles, from the clarity of country music to the grit of Texas blues. For technically-minded players, reverse polarity on our true single-coil Strat® replacements is south up.

Wiring: 2 Conductor
Magnet: Alnico 5
Output mV: 130
DC Resistance: 6.21 Kohm
Year of Introduction: 2008
Patent: n/a

Tone Guide
Treble: 8.5
Mid: 4.5
Bass: 3.5

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