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DiMarzio DP186 Cruiser Neck Strat Hum Canceling Guitar Pickup DP186W White

DiMarzio DP186 Cruiser Neck Strat Hum Canceling Guitar Pickup DP186W White

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DiMarzio DP186 Cruiser Neck Strat Hum Canceling Guitar Pickup DP186W White


DiMarzio DP186 The Cruiser Neck Strat Hum Cancelling Guitar Pickup DP186BK Black

If you’re a serious traditional Strat® player, you probably won’t want to know about pickups with side-by-side coils. But if you’re the player who’s up for something more modern with no 60-cycle hum, string drop-outs or sustain-killing magnet pull, we designed The Cruiser® for you. Harmonic overtones are right where you expect them to be from a “true” single-coil, and the mid-range is open and vocal-sounding. It’s hotter than the traditional single-coil, and the bass strings have a bit more chunk; this is an excellent pickup to combine with medium-output humbuckers, and it maintains its tonal identity with high-gain amps and multiple effects.

Recommended For Neck position with DP187, or neck and middle with higher output bridge pickup or full-size humbucker.

Tech Talk
The obvious question about The Cruiser® is “How does it compare to a single-coil sound?” Our feeling is that the unwound strings (“E”, “B”, and “G”) are very close, and the wound strings (“D”, “A”, and low “E”) are a little fatter-sounding than a true single-coil. This is really effective for getting open-sounding chords, because high and low strings sound more spread out from each other. Having a total magnet pull that's about 40% less than standard single-coils also means The Cruiser® can be adjusted much closer to the strings for more power than stock pickups can achieve.

Wiring: 4 Conductor
Magnet: Ceramic
Output mV: 140
DC Resistance: 3.13 Kohm
Year of Introduction: 1994
Patent: 4501185

Tone Guide
Treble: 8.0
Mid: 4.5
Bass: 5.0

We recommend professional installation for pickups

Please note, DiMarzio offers a direct exchange program. If you are not satisfied with the pickup, you can contact DiMarzio directly to exchange for another pickup. Pickups returned directly to Specialty Traders that have been unsealed or installed, will be assessed a restocking fee.

Includes pickup, mounting hardware and specified colored cover

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