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DiMarzio DP305N Sixties J Pair Jazz Bass Pickup Set Nickel

DiMarzio DP305N Sixties J Pair Jazz Bass Pickup Set Nickel

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DiMarzio DP305N Sixties J Pair Jazz Bass Pickup Set Nickel


The DiMarzio Sixties J™ bass pickup enhances the tone of everything that made the Golden Age '60s Jazz Bass® famous — without the rusty pole pieces and 60-cycle hum. Our Sixties J™ retains the same woody tone, punch, and articulate midrange when compared to vintage single coil Jazz Bass® pickups. But it’s better.

The superior tone, responsiveness, and attack are the result of DiMarzio's patent pending parallelogram double-coil designs. Each pickup is fully potted, and includes our new metal covers and foil-shielded hookup wires, dramatically reducing other types of stage noise.

Our groundbreaking design builds upon the Relentless™ (P Bass®-style) cover that DiMarzio created with Billy Sheehan, eliminating the sharp edges for further playing comfort.

Our Alnico 5 magnets mount to the arch of our covers and are fitted to closely match the radius of the fingerboard. This enhanced, smooth playing surface keeps the magnet structure closer to the strings for more accurate response.

To further improve the combined position (bridge and neck both on), we made the bridge pickup louder, delivering a better mix for the bridge and neck pickups.

All Sixties J™ pickups are handmade in the USA, tested, and matched for quality control.

Modernize your Jazz Bass® and bring it back to life with the Sixties J™ pair.

Recommended For Neck and bridge
Quick Connect No
Wiring 4 Conductor
Magnet Alnico 5
Resistance 7.7 Kohm

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