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DR J D57 Armor Buffer Guitar Effect Pedal Joyo Dr. J Demo

DR J D57 Armor Buffer Guitar Effect Pedal Joyo Dr. J Demo

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DR J D57 Armor Buffer Guitar Effect Pedal

Demo: In store demo.  May have minor scratches/scuffs from handling and play.  Works as it should.  Hook & Loop installed on the bottom.  No box or manual.  Taken from our in store demo pedalboard. 9 volt battery or proper 9v AC adapter required. Using with the incorrect power supply may cause it to misbehave.

If you already have a happening tone with your rig, the Dr J Armor Buffer will make it that much better. Highly recommended for any pedalboard junky!

The ingenious Dr J pedal combines 2 buffer circuits and a booster in one true bypass pedal. The buffer circuit reduces tone and dynamic loss caused by long cables, multiple FX pedals, or TRUE BYPASS connections. The Armor Buffer has 2 buffer loops. In Buffer is designed for connections between your guitar and effect chain, keeping the original signal in the effects loop at maximum level; Out Buffer connects between your effect chain and amp, allowing your output signal reach to your amp system perfectly. In addition, the Armor Buffer adds a boost controlled by foot switch, providing you with an extra 20dB of clean gain.

With all the true bypass pedals on the market today, a buffer pedal could be an essential part of pedal board depending on your setup. We've included a few video to help you understand how and why a buffer might help your tone.

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