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Dream Cymbals ERI24 Energy Series 24" Ride Cymbal

Dream Cymbals ERI24 Energy Series 24" Ride Cymbal

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Dream Cymbals ERI24 Energy Series 24" Ride Cymbal


8.00 lbs, 1.28 Oz

- Full unlathed bell
- Bright Ride Articulation
- Monster Wash

The extreme stresses from this action create changes to the cymbals on a molecular level, taking months of aging to mature and evolve. These cymbals continue to grow as they are broken in and played upon, becoming part of your own unique musical voice.

Dream offers four styles of Dark Matter: Energy, Flat Earth, Moon and Eclipse.

Dark Matter Energy
Featuring the unique charred finish of the Dark Matter Series, the Dark Matter Energy Crashes explode beautifully and then disappear into the mist. The rides sizzle with a powerful combination of dry gritty undertone and total clarity of definition.

Livia Ranalli says:
I love the friendly approach of Dream Cymbals - both to the environment and their artists. They truly care about what they do, and the passion they put into their work pours out in the unique sound of their cymbals. It really feels like home.

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