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Eldon ELF220 Student C Flute & Case #4077 Used

Eldon ELF220 Student C Flute & Case #4077 Used

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Eldon ELF220 Student C Flute & Case #4077 Used

Used with wear associated with use. Minor cosmetic scratches/scuffs from handling and play. Noteworthy blemishes or issues will be described and pictured. Works as it should.

There are small scratches, scuffs, and some traces of tarnishing. There is also a small indention on the mouthpiece section. Serial number has been written on the case. Please see pictures for details.

Fully ribbed construction, plateau style-closed hole model and a covered wood case with durable carry bag.
Silver plated, head joint, body and foot for centered tone. Offset G key reduces left hand stress.
Power forged keys provide greater durability. Plateau style to increase ease playability.

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