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Fender Cyber Twin DSP Modeling 130 Watt 2x12 Celestion Gutar Amp Combo & Footswitch USED

Fender Cyber Twin DSP Modeling 130 Watt 2x12 Celestion Gutar Amp Combo & Footswitch USED

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Fender Cyber Twin DSP Modeling 130 Watt 2x12 Celestion Gutar Amp Combo & Footswitch 

Used with wear associated with use.  Minor cosmetic scratches/scuffs.  Nothing major and very few.  Overall fantastic condition.  Program footswitch and Effect On/Off single footswitch included.  Red power LED is dim, but works.  No tube issues.  

Hybrid amplifier with 2 preamp tubes and solid state power section.

From Fender:

The Cyber-Twin is the flagship in a new class of amplifiers at Fender. Exclusive Fender technology, Virtual Tone Interpolation (patent pending) enables the Cyber-Twin to “become” different amplifiers according to their circuit designs. Starting with a virtual circuit board and components, the Cyber-Twin “rewires” its internal architecture to become the greatest amp circuit designs of all time including, Fender’s 59 Bassman, Twin Reverb, Dyna-Touch, Hot Rod, Pro Amp and “Her Majesty’s Bassman,” to name just a few.

The Cyber-Twin allows you to be the amp designer. You’ll truly appreciate the ability to pull the drive circuitry off of a Hot Rod for instance, and put it with the tone stack from a British amp— and even though they say the tone stack should come after the drive circuit in the signal path, you put it before. Add Gated Reverb—and just for kicks—dial up the Speaker Polarity menu to reverse the phase of the right side speaker. Test drive that setup and if it sounds good, save it. If not, choose from the 120 built-in amp designs and start by modifying one of them. On-board there’s room for 85 of your own amp designs in THE PLAYER’S LOUNGE. MIDI implementation on the Cyber-Twin enables you to transfer presets to and from the Cyber-Twin for backup or exchange with other Cyber-Twin players.

The Cyber-Twin puts a warehouse of studio quality FX at your command. All the stereo delay and modulation FX that you’d expect, plus special FX like a virtual analog tape echo, and a backwards delay. A catalog of Reverbs from spring to plate is also included in the Cyber-Twin’s arsenal. The list of features is extensive, and the number of possibilities is unlimited. For immediate satisfaction, plug in, and use the large DATA WHEEL to pick from 85 ready-to-go Amp/FX setups in the FENDER CUSTOM SHOP, or choose from 35 classic amp designs in YOUR AMP COLLECTION. Then spend some time swapping components, and adding FX to create your own Cyber-rig


40 Character Display gives menu driven options, prompts for input and basic amp design information
1 Dynamic DATA WHEEL controls the major parameter in most operations to keep your input simple and focused on the messages apprearing in the Display screens.
6 Modes: Play Guitar, Amp Preset Edit, FX Edit , Utility/MIDI ,Tuner ,Demo
8 Motorized Knobs automatically reposition themselves as each Preset is selected, and in response to MIDI continuous controller data or input coming from the pedals or footswitches
205 Amplifier Design Presets
85 “FENDER CUSTOM SHOP” – permanent – Custom Amp Designs setup with FX 85 “PLAYER’S LOUNGE” – rewritable – Amps Designed by You
35 “YOUR AMP COLLECTION” – permanent – Classic Amp Designs as originally manufactured

MIDI Implementation:
23 Continuous Controllers for auto-control by external MIDI equipment (sequencer/computer)
1 Assignable Continuous Controller for remote control of a dynamic parameter
4 System Exclusive functions for transferring Presets and updating Systems
16 Drive Circuitry selections:  12 Tube types,  4 Solid State types
2 Vacuum Tubes are used in the tube drive circuitry and in the analog circuitry, (12AX7WA’s)
4 Tone Stacks, each with 2 location parameters (before/after the Drive Circuitry)
28 FX (effects) selections, each with 4 or 5 adjustable parameters:
10 Delay effects,  11 Modulation effects,  3 Special effects,  4 Paired effects
11 Reverb types, each with 4 adjustable parameters
4 Compression Level settings
3 Noise Gate Level settings with 1 adjustable Depth parameter
4 Timbre types give instant tone boosts for accent or balance
4 Line/Speaker Phase, select standard or reverse polarity for each speaker independently.
8 Bypass Reverb/Effects combinations; toggle by footswitch, one combination programmable per preset or toggle ‘rotor speeds’ when using the Vibratone effect.
4 Quick Access Keys assign favorite Amp Design Presets for convenient, one key access
4 Button Footswitch, offers remote access to the 4 Quick Access Keys
1 Expression Pedal Jack facilitates control of any Preset controllable parameter from an analog expression pedal (optional)
130 Watts of Stereo Output Power, (65 watts per channel)
2 Celestion Speakers, G12T-100 (12”/8Ω)
1 Stereo Digital Line Output, RCA S/PDIF jack for connection to digital sound equipment
2 Stereo XLR Line Output, impedance balanced jacks, with 2 position switch (mono/stereo)
3 Effects Loop jacks, mono out, mono or stereo in, with 2 position switch (-10dBv/+4dBu)

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