Fender Player Jazz Bass Sage Green Metallic & Case Used

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Fender Player Jazz Bass Sage Green Metallic & Case Used

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Used with wear associated with use. Minor light cosmetic scratches from handling and play. Noteworthy blemishes or issues will be described and pictured

Has some very small fret dents along first 3 frets. There is a 3/4" x 3/4" wide chunk of finish missing down to the wood on middle left side. There is some light scuffs to left of bridge. 1/8" scratch, and pea size dent on front right of body. Very small finish crack on right side where body meets the neck. Scuffing on right side edge near jack. Back bottom edge has various small dents. Please see pictures for details.

Badass II Bridge has been installed.

From Fender:
Player Series Single-Coil Jazz Bass Pickups with Alnico V Magnetic Pole Pieces
In more than half a century of Fender history and modern music history, there’s really nothing like the timeless guttural growl and singing high end of a Jazz Bass, coming from a clear, punchy and powerful-sounding pair of Fender Standard single-coil Jazz Bass pickups.

Respecting Fender's heritage while maintaining their innovative spirit, the two growling Player Series single-coil pickups are packed with legendary Fender bass tone, turned up to 11 for modern ears.

The Player series 4-saddle bridge is engineered for accurate intonation and easy action adjustment so you can personalize the feel to your playing style and taste.

Additional Features
Alder; Ash; Wood; Tonewood; Fender; Bass; Jazz; J; Precision; Standard; Player; Professional
neck; c shape; modern; maple; pau ferro; rosewood; player; standard; mexico; gloss; satin;
style; headstock; jazz bass; player; professional; elite; bass; fender;
Alder Body Wood
Since 1956, alder has been the main wood used on Stratocasters, Telecasters, Precision Basses and Jazz Basses. Alder is noted for bright, balanced and resonant tone with pronounced upper mid-range, excellent sustain, and sharp attack.

Modern 'C' Shaped Neck with 9.5" Radius Fingerboard
This instrument features a modern neck designed for comfort and performance, with a contemporary 'C'-shaped profile (the shape of the neck in cross section) and a smooth back finish.

With a 9.5 inch radius and 20 medium jumbo frets, the Fender Player Jazz Bass offers superior playability and versatility, boasting a flatter surface that's perfect for soloing and chording alike.

Authentic Fender Tone and Styling
Pure and simple, this instrument features classic Fender tone styling that evokes and honors the timeless Fender mainstays that came before it and contributed crucial DNA. From the quietest chord to the loudest note, and from the rear strap button to the top of the headstock, it’s the very essence of classic Fender design.

jazz bass; j bass; j-bass; standard; player; buttercream; maple; vintage; modern;

Your Trusted Sidekick Awaits Play it. Hang it. Smash it. Player series instruments are durable, reliable rock ‘n’ roll warriors that can take a beating as they take you places.

Packed with player-friendly features and born to perform, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill starter guitar. Then again, it’s not meant for a run-of-the-mill player.

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