Fender Princeton Recording Amplifier 20 Watt Tube 10" Speaker Guitar Combo Amp

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Fender Princeton Recording Amplifier 20 Watt Tube 10" Speaker Guitar Combo Amp

Used with wear associated with use.  Overall very good condition.   Tubes test fine with plenty of life.   There is a 10 second lag for when the reverb kicks on when first powered up.  Not sure why, but the reverb works just fine.  Works as it should otherwise.  No footswitch. 

The Fender Princeton Reverb Amp of the 1960s, though small, light and moderately powerful, produced giant tube tone. In the '70s and beyond, it earned a rep as the quintessential studio recording amp, and original Princeton Reverb amps are highly sought after in today's vintage market as collectibles and as a wise choice for creating great tube tone in a small space.

Fender's new Princeton Recording Amp offers all of the great tone and dynamics of the original, plus several modern studio-friendly features. Its all-tube preamp, power amp and reverb circuitry is based on the classic '65 Princeton Reverb, and, with 20 watts and a 10" Jensen speaker, it provides spanking vintage tone and enough output for small gigs and rehearsals. The trans-impedance power attenuator lets you crank up the amp for full output tube overdrive and set the speaker volume as low as you want (even silent for headphone use)!

Other features include two classic onboard "stomp box" effects (overdrive and compression), genuine tube-driven Fender spring reverb by Accutronics, headphone output, speaker emulated line output with level control and ground lift, speaker output jack (internal speaker may be disconnected for use with other 8-ohm enclosures), professional FX loop, and four-button footswitch.

20W into 8 ohms
10" Jensen speaker with ceramic magnet
Power attenuator
3-knob overdrive
2-knob compressor
Tube-driven Accutronics reverb
Speaker emulated headphone out
Speaker emulated XLR line out with level and ground lift
Speaker out
Professional FX loop

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