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Friedman Guitars Vintage T Custom Shop Telecaster Relic Black & Case #1307 Used

Friedman Guitars Vintage T Custom Shop Telecaster Relic Black & Case #1307 Used

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Friedman Guitars Vintage T Custom Shop Telecaster Relic Black & Case #1307 Used

7.00 lbs, 12.48 Oz

Used with wear associated with use. Minor light cosmetic scratches from handling and play. Noteworthy blemishes or issues will be described and pictured. Works as it should.

At their essence, Friedman guitars are a combination of wood, frets, tuners, and pickups. But the “Secret Sauce” that elevates Friedman instruments is the way Dave’s meticulously selected design elements are brought to life.

Though world-renown for his amplifiers, Dave Friedman’s passion and knowledge of guitars are just as deep. His trained ear and 20-plus years at the highest level of craftsmanship has seen him consulting and advising guitar companies for years. They also inform every decision he makes in choosing the finest tonewoods, pickup designs, and other materials to craft exceptional instruments.

Knowing when to rely on the wisdom of classic designs and what elements of the electric guitar should be allowed to evolve, Dave imbues every Friedman electric guitar with a carefully seasoned mixture of the familiar and that which is new. A Friedman guitar simply needs to be experienced to be believed.

ALL FRIEDMAN GUITARS are Custom Ordered and built by hand.

***NOTE: Aging and wear marks are all one of a expect variations, as no two are the same.

Working class, rock and roll guitar.
Vintage Feel - Modern playability.
Simple, solid, timeless and aged to perfection.

Premium body woods - Dave chose genuine Mahogany, Alder and Ash as the body woods of choice for their classic tonal character. Each piece of wood is hand-selected. In the last round of building 25 guitars, over 500 wood planks were inspected - 475 did not make the cut. Grain pattern and light weight are benchmarks for every Vintage-T.

Necks - Select eastern hard maple
Frets – Jescar FW47095 nickel silver fret wire is used on Vintage-T guitars.
Compound Radius - Compound radius fingerboard (CRF). The fingerboard geometry is based on a conical shape rather than cylindrical. The significance is tangible and substantial – a 10”-14” compound radius fingerboard allows for maximum playability with no chance of your strings fretting out when bending. Compound radius is time-consuming and laborious to get exactly right, yet worth-it – and featured on every Friedman Vintage-T.
Tight Pocket and Exclusive Zero-Shift Neck Pins - Neck shifting results in incorrect string alignment and is a challenge for many guitars. A tight neck pocket helps, but in-and-of itself does not eliminate the problem. Vintage-T guitars raise the bar with the exclusive Zero-Shift Neck Pin design; whereby, two military grade precision steel dowel pins align the body and neck, eliminating shift all together. The tonal benefit of this connection is a virtual fusion of the body and neck whereby the transference of vibration is maximized.
Tuners – Vintage-style tuners.
Custom Friedman Humbucker Pickups – Dave worked for over a year on the Friedman Classic Humbucker and Classic 90 pickups to get the exact tone Dave envisioned. Both choices feature nickel silver base plates, high quality copper wire and alnico magnets.
The Friedman Classic Humbucker produces vintage-style tone with an exceptionally balanced frequency response, outstanding clarity and extended dynamic range. These 42 awg pickups are reminiscent of late ‘59 PAFs in tone with a bit more Dave-infused attitude.

Case included – All Friedman guitars come in a custom G&G case.

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