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G&L USA Fullerton Deluxe SB-2 4 String Bass Andromeda & Bag SB2 #2097

G&L USA Fullerton Deluxe SB-2 4 String Bass Andromeda & Bag SB2 #2097

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G&L USA Fullerton Deluxe SB-2 4 String Bass Andromeda & Bag SB2 #2097


9.00 lbs, 4.00 Oz

Please refer to the picture of the build sheet for the exact specifications of this guitar

When Leo Fender† launched the G&L SB•2 bass in 1982, he packed his latest innovations in pickup and bridge design into a straightforward, hard-working bass. If you prefer a less-is-more aesthetic but hunger for something meatier, the SB•2 is just the ticket.

The SB•2 starts with a familiar shape, though subtle modifications to its sculpting make it more sleek and balanced. Strap it on and it immediately feels at home, yet somehow more comfortable than you expected. The slim, C-shaped neck falls immediately to hand, checking in with a comfortable 9 1/2" radius and 21 Jescar 57110 medium-jumbo nickel-silver frets ready to deliver silky playability.

Once the SB•2 has nestled into your comfort zone, it’s time to experience just how far Leo evolved the classic duo of split-coil and single coil pickups. You see, these Magnetic Field Design interpretations were created by Leo to give you more gusto without losing detail and finesse. The 2024 revamp introduces a thrilling three-knob twist: volume, volume, and a vibrant tone control. This terrific trio lets you tailor your tones, turning each tune into a truly unique experience. What’s more, the SB•2 features an innovative Leo Fender-designed Saddle-Lock bridge to transfer string energy right into the body end-grain for an incredibly resonant instrument.

The bottom line: SB•2 brings the magic of Leo’s own reinterpretation of the P/J configuration in a bass that delivers all the tone and feel you'd expect in a "Latter Day Leo" instrument.

Made in Leo Fender’s historic G&L facility on Fender Avenue in Fullerton, California.

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