Gallien Krueger GK MB 800 Watt Ultralight Micro Bass Amp Head MB800

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Gallien Krueger GK MB 800 Watt Ultralight Micro Bass Amplifer Head


Feather Weight: With its switch mode power supply and Aluminum chassis, the MB 800 weighs in at only 4.9 lbs. (2.2kg) Harmonic Complexity: The signal path for gain, EQ, contour and the DI are 100% discreet F.E.T. driven to deliver a fatter response and "tube like" feel.

Variable Q Equalizer: Inherited from the 800RB, this unique design varies the EQ bandwidth to retain a musical response even at extreme settings.

High Tech Power: Switch mode power amp and supply deliver a crushing 800 Watts of cool running power. Intelligent Cooling: Temperature controlled fans keep the amplifier cool delivering only the required amount of air, reducing noise and dust intake.

Protection: Thoughtful handle design protects the front panel controls. Internal sensing circuitry will indicate problems on the power switch ring. Blue is good!

Power @4Ω
Dimensions 10.75 x 9 x 1.75" 4.9 LBS

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