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Graph Tech Resomax NW1 Harmonic Wraparound Guitar Bridge Gold PM-8593-GO

Graph Tech Resomax NW1 Harmonic Wraparound Guitar Bridge Gold PM-8593-GO

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Graph Tech Resomax NW1 Harmonic Wraparound Guitar Bridge Gold PM-8593-GO


ResoMax Alloy saddles are made from the same harmonically rich alloy as our bridges. This will keep the 2KHz bite of a metal saddle that you have come to know and love. Triple plated for durability and good looks. Have your guitar with sound, play and looks it's best.

String Spread: 2-1/16"
Saddle Radius: 12"
Post Spacing: 3.224"
Post Threads: 5/16" - 24UNF

From Graph Tech:

Designed to maximize harmonic content and richness in every note, retain the bite of a metal saddle, dramatically reduce string breakage and make restringing a breeze!

All ResoMax Wraparound bridges are made from our proprietary lightweight ResoMax alloy that will leave each note dripping in tone and harmonics. Exclusive to the ResoMax System, the AutoLock™ locking feature magnetically secures your bridge and tailpiece at all times without a tool to use or lose, making restringing quick and simple. They have a sleek low profile bridge is smooth and comfortable without any edges to scrape or cut up your fingers or hand.

The ResoMax Wraparound line of bridges feature an extended amount of saddle travel to make sure you have plenty of room to setup your guitar properly to ensure you and your guitar to perform at its best.

Lightweight, high strength alloy that boosts harmonic content.
AutoLock magnetically locks the bridge with no tool to make restringing quick and simple.
Triple plated finished for a durable and beautiful finish.
Two different saddle options for all of our bridges.
Curvy and smooth contours for a comfortable feel and palm muting.
Increased harmonic content leaves your guitar dripping with tone.

The ResoMax wraparound bridge is compatible with almost all other wraparound bridges on the market. It will easily fit on just about all PRS and Gibson guitars as well as most other guitars using a wraparound bridge. The best way to determine if our bridge will work is use the following fit guide to determine what will work.

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