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Hagstrom Three Kings Limited Edition Super Swede SUSWE3KG Guitar Black #58

Hagstrom Three Kings Limited Edition Super Swede SUSWE3KG Guitar Black #58

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Hagstrom Three Kings Limited Edition Super Swede SUSWE3KG Guitar Black #58

Open Box - Customer Return.  It has some light scratches on the pickguard.  May also have some random light scratches from handling.  Nothing noteworthy. 

9.3 lbs

At Hagstrom we take every new design challenge as a way to bring our history of innovation and performance to contemporary guitarists in a fresh and exciting way. Sometimes we exceed even our own high expectations. Our Three Kings series is a case in point.

The goal was to take our three most established solid body platforms and create an extraordinary aesthetic to be combined with equally extraordinary performance enhancements. All three models keep essential structural elements that contribute so much towards their overall character and voice. The classic, all-mahogany Swede; the longer scale-length Super Swede with its mahogany/maple body; and the lighter, more lively Ultra Swede all maintain their basic tone-wood infrastructure together with Hagstrom’s signature H-Expander™ truss rod system and Sustain-Block™ tailpiece. Each model sings with the unique voice guitarists have come to expect from Hagstrom. Darkly mysterious

A decidedly rich, yet unifying aesthetic allows these distinctly different guitars to be considered together as a coherent group. A dark, heraldic motif centered on a raised medallion embedded into the top (see inset below for more about the medallion) is set off by black chrome hardware elements and black pearloid binding. Handsomely tooled knobs, custom-made by Q-Parts® specifically for this project, complete the package. Darkly mysterious and slightly wicked-looking, but with a versatile refinement that will appeal to a wide range of sensibilities, the result is both rich and deep. Swedish Lundgren Pickups

With such a singular visual impression, we sought to equip these guitars with pickups that were equally extraordinary, and that would expand their sonic profiles into areas not previously touched upon by their conventional counterparts in the Hagstrom range. To accomplish this, we reached out to Swedish pickup master Johan Lundgren. His mission was to design a pair of humbucking pickups that would rock as hard as Hagstrom pickups are known for, but would also offer a level of dynamics and intensity enabling entry into heavier, edgier, more progressive domains. With Lundgren’s history of designing pickups for the likes of Swedish progressive-metal powerhouse bands Meshuggah and GHOST, we felt he would be up to the challenge; and up to it he was. Each of these models is equipped with a Lundgren-designed AlNiCo-2 humbucker in the neck position and AlNiCo-5 humbucker at the bridge. The result covers an immense expressive range; from smooth, warm tones to the kind of attack and intense dynamic output that would satisfy the demands of even the most extreme musical styles.

Cutting Edge Features

Rounding out the compliment of cutting-edge features is a set of Ratio® tuning machines by Graph-Tech®. Each string is mated to a tuning machine with a custom gear ratio so that one turn equals one tone, regardless of the string. Predictable, precise and efficient, Ratio® makes tuning intuitive and natural. Now, a perfectly reasonable question to ask is how we came to call these special models “Three Kings”. One possibility is a connection with Swedish royal history or with ancient Scandinavian folkore, and, in fact, this would not be too far off the mark. But a much simpler reason they’re called the Three Kings is because there are three of them and, well, … THEY RULE!

Three Kings Standards


All Hagstrom electric guitars and basses include our patented H-Expander™ truss rod. Providing tension at both ends and running the entire length of the neck, the rigid yet light-weight alloy truss rod allows for a very low action and thin neck, two factors that were instrumental in earning Hagstrom its reputation as the world’s fastest playing guitar. The H-Expander™ truss rod not only provides ultimate neck stability, but it also contributes to Hagstrom’s unique tone. Longer sustain and a round attack are some of the sonic characteristics the H-Expander™ adds to the tonal essence of Hagstrom.

Lundgren Pickups

Together with Johan Lundgren, our goal was to bring out that classic Hagstrom sound, being reminiscent of the vintage Hagstrom years and the golden tones of yesteryear. The result are these custom humbucker with coil split function.

Resinator Wood

Resinator™ wood is a wood composite material that is both more uniform in density and more stable than any standard wood product. These characteristics eliminate dead spots or “wolf tones” sometimes associated with conventional wood fingerboards. Resinator™ wood has an articulate sound similar to high quality ebony, but without any of the problems associated with ebony. It provides a stable and clear tone, and also adds higher overtones and harmonics which uniquely detail each note. Like our H-Expander™ truss rod, Resinator™ wood is a major contributor to the distinctive “Hagstrom tone”.

Three Kings Specs

  • Body Material: Mahogany
  • Super Swede Top: 10 mm Carved Maple
  • Swede & Ultra Swede Top: Mahogany
  • Style: Single Cutaway
  • Neck Joint: Set Neck
  • Material: Mahogany
  • Truss Rod: H-Expanderâ„¢
  • Fingerboard/Nut
  • Material: Resinatorâ„¢ R
  • adius: 15" I
  • nlays: Perloid Block
  • Frets: 22 Medium Jumbo
  • Super Swede Scale Length: 25.5" (648 mm)
  • Swede & Ultra Swede Scale Length: 24.75" (628 mm)
  • Nut: GraphTech Black Tusq XL
  • Nut Width: 43 mm
  • Pickups: Lundgren Design
  • Neck: AlNico #2
  • Bridge: AlNiCo #5
  • Pickup Selector: 3-Way Toggle Switch
  • 2 x Volume / 2 x Tone (Super Swede/Swede)
  • 1 x Volume/1 x Tone (Ultra Swede)
  • Push/Pull Coil tap option on Tone Potentiometer(s) Super Swede/Ultra Swede
  • 3-Way Sound Filter Toogle switch Swede
  • Black Nickel Finish
  • Knobs: Q-Parts Dome Knobs "Vine"
  • Bridge: Long Travel T-O-M bridge with HAGSTROM Stop Tail Piece, 6 individual brass string blocks T
  • uning Keys: Graphtech Ratio Tuners with optimized tuning ratios per strings (180° turn = 1/2 tone)
  • Tre Kronor Castle Metal Badge
  • 3-Kings Body Decal and Black Pearloid Body/Neck/Headstock Binding S
  • trings: D'Addario EXP 110 (10-46)
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