Jet City Amplification Guitar Slinger Effects Designed OVERDRIVE Pedal

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Jet City Amplification Guitar Slinger Overdrive Pedal.

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PERFECT for your pedal board application! GuitarSlinger Overdrive

The GuitarSlinger Overdrive, designed by international guitar hero Alex Beyrodt, was previously only available through GuitarSlinger's one-at-a-time, hand-built operation. This truly boutique pedal is capable of pushing your amp's clean channel into a fat crunch, or distorted channel into a heavy lead distortion. The additional bright switch adds high-frequency clarity and definition.

Gain Control Adjusts the amount of gain applied to the signal
Volume Control Adjusts the distorted signal's overall output level
On/Off Switch “ Engages/Bypasses the pedal
On/Off LED -For high visibility on the darkest stage
Aluminum and Steel Housing -Strength and durability for the gigging pro

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