Jet City Amplification JCA-20H 20 Watt Tube Guitar Amp Head Electric Blue Python Tolex Used

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Jet City Amplification JCA-20 Watt Tube Guitar Amp Head Electric Blue Python Tolex

Used with wear associated with use.  Minor light scratches/scuffs.  Recently serviced.  All new JJ tubes throughout.  Custom Electric Blue Python Tolex covering.  White chickenhead knobs.  

From Jet City:

Single Channel. 20 watts. Pure Tube.​ ​

This is the product we launched with in September of 2009. With rugged construction, purity of tube tone, and zero percent b*llsh*t, 20H inspired us to expand our product range. We still produce it in limited batches, occasionally.

Controls: Preamp Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Master, Presence.​
Tubes: 3x 12AX7 Preamp / 2x EL84 Power
Rectifier: Solid State
Cabinetry: Multi-ply, void-free hardwood
Chassis: 16 gauge, cold-rolled steel
Output Power: 20 watts into 16 ohm or 2x 8 ohm speaker outputs
Input Power: Multi-tapped power transformer at 100v/120v/220v/240v and standard IEC connector
DIMS: 9″Hx9″Dx19.5″W
Weight: 21.3lbs net

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