Jet City RETROVALVE RV1A12 Standard Gain Replacement for 12AX7 Tubes NEW!

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Jet City Retrovalve RV1A12 Standard Gain Single Pack Replacements for 12AX7 Preamp Tubes! NEW!

RetroValves are analog vacuum tube replacement devices that offer the warm, fat, punchy sound traditionally associated only with glass vacuum tubes.

Pin-for-Pin Replacement for 12AX7 Tubes
Excellent Warm Tones
Low Noise and No Microphonics
Lower power consumption and lower heat reduce stress on the amplifiers electronics
Instant modification of preamp gain
RetroValves work alongside vacuum tubes, or replace vacuum tubes in any of the "cocktail configurations".
Exceptional durability and longevity compared to glass vacuum tubes
PLEASE NOTE: For guitar amps only. These will not work in a Peavey Valveking Please ask all questions prior to purchase.

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