Jet City RETROVALVE RV3A12 Standard Gain 3 Pack Replacement for 12AX7 Tubes NEW!

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Jet City Retrovalve RV3A12 Standard Gain 3 Pack Replacements for 12AX7 Preamp Tubes! NEW!

  • RetroValves are analog vacuum tube replacement devices that offer the warm, fat, punchy sound traditionally associated only with glass vacuum tubes.
  • Pin-for-Pin Replacement for 12AX7 Tubes
  • Excellent Warm Tones
  • Low Noise and No Microphonics
  • Lower power consumption and lower heat reduce stress on the amplifiers electronics
  • Instant modification of preamp gain
  • RetroValves work alongside vacuum tubes, or replace vacuum tubes in any of the "cocktail configurations".
  • Exceptional durability and longevity compared to glass vacuum tubes
  • PLEASE NOTE: For guitar amps only.  These will not work in a Peavey Valveking

    Please ask all questions prior to purchase.

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